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Mad Trucker 4: Last Pursuit Hacked

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Date added: 2015-04-08   Times played: 167

Game Info

Mad Trucker 4: Last Pursuit hacked is a crazy fast-paced racing game. Being chased by the other people in Mad Trucker 4 is so disturbing and annoying.Must survive at all costs, fellows! Your aim is to take control your vehicle and drive it through the world while making an effort to dismantle everything in your way. Remember that you are being chased by the cops, attack fighters, helicopters so try to perform your skills to destroy them. The dangers are around you, so be careful while driving, my dear! Use your earned money to buy more upgrades and enhance your skills. Now, click to drive in Mad Trucker 4: Last Pursuit! Good luck!


Use key A, D or left/right arrow keys to steer your vehicle
Tap key S or down arrow key to brake. Use the mouse to aim and fire.
Hack information: Tap key [Q] for health, key [E] for ammo, key [R] for cash.


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